A transport ship is ablaze off the coast of Denmark. Was it caused by an electric car?

A fire broke out on a transport ship off the Danish coast, carrying a total of 3,783 vehicles, including several hundred electric cars. The ship had to call for assistance from the Danish coastguard. Unfortunately, the fire is not yet fully under control, according to the latest reports.

The origin of the fire has not been confirmed. Could an electric car be to blame? 

Amid fears that one of the electric cars may have caused the fire, some crew members jumped into the coastal waters. However, rescue teams and investigators have not yet identified the true cause of the fire as the ship remains uncontrolled. These complications suggest that one of the 498 electric cars onboard could be the culprit.

A spokesperson for the rescue teams told Reuters that the fire occurred near one of the electric cars. Even if something else triggered the flames, the mere presence of electric cargo complicates firefighting efforts, requiring different procedures and extinguishing agents. Tragically, this incident has also resulted in one fatality and several injuries. 

Will safety regulations be strengthened in the future? 

The International Maritime Safety Organization will now discuss the reorganization and revision of safety standards, particularly for ships transporting electric vehicles, to prevent similar accidents and handle them better if necessary. Since this is not an isolated case, action must be taken. Changes are expected as early as next year, according to the organization’s spokesperson.

Not long ago, a fire caused by an electric car at sea resulted in complete destruction. While the crew was evacuated, thousands of transported vehicles were left at the mercy of the sea with no chance of salvage. Additionally, it took several days to control the fire.


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