AI has taken over Gmail: Google will write emails and text messages for you

Artificial intelligence is, without much exaggeration, the number one topic in today's technological world. And it doesn't matter at all that we have been encountering it in smaller or larger variations for many years. It is simply one of the biggest concepts of the last decade. We have already announced in several successive retrospectives that every major company is counting on implementing AI.

The revolution that ChatGPT has started


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Thanks to its participation in OpenAI, the company behind the phenomenal ChatGPT chatbot, Microsoft has already implemented many important features in its Bing search engine. Then you have Meta, which wants to implement AI in its Metaverse, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

And let’s not forget Discord, Spotify… There are more and more names that announce the presence of AI or rely on it, albeit in a truncated way. After all, Google is also working hard on its own counterpart and in an attempt to dominate the race against time.

Artificial intelligence à la Google

The latter provided a very detailed summary on its blog some time ago, which was a clear signal that artificial intelligence will leave no stone unturned in this giant corporation. Google Workspace, plus all associated applications and services, will see changes.

Gmail with AI is imminent

And that brings us to Gmail in a bit of a roundabout way. The sketch of the new vision mentioned above will actually begin in full on this email platform, PhoneArena reports. And that it’s not just a slap in the wind was demonstrated at the ongoing Google I/O 2023 event by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet.

In a short spot, he demonstrated that just typing a few keywords, in this case as part of the “Help Me Write” feature, was all it took to get a refund for a canceled flight. And it’s worth adding that the result was not bad at all, quite the opposite. Moreover, if the user feels that the text is too extensive, he can ask the AI to make it more concise. The purpose of the novelty is to save the writer in particular the time spent.

Its presence has also been confirmed in the new iteration of the mobile operating system. Also, Android 14 will rely much more heavily on AI in direct comparison to how it has been so far. This includes wallpaper, layout and other elements, then if the user opts for Google-directed randomness.

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