Another Chinese automaker is heading to Europe. Will its luxury electric vehicles impress you?

The Shanghai-based company HiPhi has been involved in the development of autonomous driving systems and electric vehicles for many years. The luxury vehicle manufacturer is expanding its scope of operations and targeting customers in Europe. The first cars are scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of this year.

China can produce original cars without copying 

HiPhi currently offers a trio of models: the X SUV, the Z sedan, and the recently unveiled Y crossover. The era of original model names is likely long gone. The combination of letters may remind some of three-dimensional object dimensions, while others may find similarities with another competing automaker. Considering that HiPhi is a relatively young company, its vehicle lineup is quite intriguing.

The X and Z models are currently available only in China. The latest model is still in production preparations. Meanwhile, plans are being made to establish new sales locations on the European continent. Germany and Norway will be among the first countries to receive them. Price policies are also starting to be discussed. The X SUV is expected to start at a price of €109,000 for the six-seater version, with an additional €14,000 for the luxurious four-seater variant.


Photo by Hiphi

Luxury with powerful engines and average range 

The vehicle is powered by a pair of 220 kW electric motors. Energy is supplied by a 97 kWh storage system. With a full battery, the vehicle can travel around 460 kilometers, which should correspond to the values according to the European WLTP methodology. Compared to similarly sized SUVs, it seems that the HiPhi X will be more demanding in terms of operation. Even the competing Rivian has better efficiency in transmitting electric power to the wheels.

The Z model will be offered in a five-seater variant starting at €105,000, with a two-thousand-euro surcharge for the four-seater version. The vehicle has a rather unconventional appearance, almost as if it were pulled from a sci-fi game. Owners can be sure that not just anyone will be driving a similarly futuristic-looking car. Its sporty appearance is matched by its performance characteristics. Both axles are powered by a pair of motors with an incredible 494 kW of power. The battery stores energy with a capacity of 120 kW, providing a range of up to 555 km. It can reach a speed of 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.


Photo by Hiphi

How will Europe receive HiPhi?

Both vehicles have been very well received in the domestic market, and even the unconventional “Zetko” has been met with great positivity. Now is the time to test how the European audience will react to another luxury brand. The CEO and founder, Mark Stanton, believes that advanced technologies and luxurious features will offer German and Norwegian customers a completely new driving experience. The brand aims to cover other important markets by 2027.


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