Apple has joined forces with Google. Will they find a way to crack down on stalkers?


When Apple launched its AirTags, used to pinpoint location and positioning using a small Bluetooth-enabled pendant, it drew mixed reactions. Indeed, although similar trackers already existed, few other companies could boast such an extensive network of devices to relay tracker location information as Apple.

Tracker spying

The problem is that no one can guarantee that AirTags or other similar tags will not be used, for example, to track a person’s location. They usually have very little chance of discovering a small tracker on their person.

Apple is trying to combat this, and has specifically developed several mechanisms to alert the person being tracked that an AirTag belonging to someone else is in their vicinity. Unfortunately, the notifications only go out automatically to other iPhones, so for Android phone owners, the ability to protect themselves is very limited. Not to mention other brands of trackers.

New solutions on the horizon

This is what the tech giants have decided to fight. Apple and Google are announcing a new partnership to create a “unified solution to unwanted tracking“. Together, they will design an industry-wide solution that will alert all users to potential unwanted tracking using AirTags and other Bluetooth devices to locate objects.

Samsung and Tile will also join

But neither company will be alone in this, as other big players in the tracker field such as Samsung, Tile, Chipolo or Eufy have already shown interest. According to current plans, the joint solution of all companies should reach users by the end of this year.


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