Apple has released a new app. Classical music lovers will especially like it

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Apple Music is a popular and widespread streaming platform, and Apple has decided to expand it with a separate classical music section. It has therefore released a Music Classical app that focuses on this genre, and this new feature is already available for pre-order in the official app store.

Apple Music Classical – Delayed, but still

Apple was originally supposed to release a standalone app that would focus on classical music listening late last year, but that timeline didn’t end up being met. The Apple giant set that goal after it bought music service Primephonic, which focused specifically on streaming classical music, in 2021.

Unfortunately, it’s not a native part of the system like Apple Music, and those interested in this type of music will have to download a separate app. However, as reported by The Verge, access to Music Classical is included with a standard Apple Music subscription, so if you subscribe to the service, you’ll be able to access classical music through the app as well.

– Apple Music Classical (@AppleClassical) March 9, 2023

Rich and quality content

With Apple Music Classical, users can enjoy access to more than five million songs, including new releases in high-quality audio and exclusive albums. The app is designed to fit the classical music theme, and Apple says it’s the largest catalogue ever within the genre.

Given the Californian giant’s adherence to high quality audio, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the Music Classical app will offer top quality (192kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Lossless), combined with Spatial Audio. Completely ad-free, the app will offer hundreds of pre-set playlists and biographies of each artist will be available.


The Music Classical app is available on the App Store, via pre-order. This means that when you pre-order, it will automatically install on your iPhone on launch day, which is scheduled for March 28. You need to be running at least iOS 15.4, and the app is not available on the iPad for now. It will also be available on Android at a later date.

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