Apple plans to launch a 15.5-inch variant of the MacBook Air

Apple plans to launch a 15.5-inch variant of the MacBook Air

Cupertino-based Apple is working to revive the MacBook Air line. Earlier speculation predicted the launch of a 12-inch variant alongside a new 15.5-inch one. Now everything is different, as respected analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has spoken out about the whole situation. So how will it really be?

A bigger MacBook Air is on the way

Mark Gurman claims in his report that we won’t see a 12-inch MacBook this year. Apple plans to introduce a full-size 15.5-inch variant, which many fans have been craving for years. We’ll reportedly see one later this year.

As far as details are concerned, almost nothing major has been leaked to the public so far. Analyst Ross Young has said in the past that Apple will start producing 15.5-inch display panels in the first quarter of 2023. That gives us at least some sort of timeline that corresponds with what Mark Gurman is claiming.

The design will remain the same

The design of MacBook Air is expected to remain the same as the current models. It doesn’t make much sense for Apple to reach into what works and is (relatively) new within a single size.

Inside, we can expect an extremely powerful M2 or M2 Pro chip (depending on the specification chosen). We’ll see what the Cupertino giant eventually has in store for us.



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