Apple’s headset faces an unpleasant setback in China due to Huawei

Apple's mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, is undoubtedly the most advanced electronics of today. While it is not officially available for sale yet, there is a lot of talk about it, and it will be interesting to see if it becomes an uncompromising hit or remains on the fringes of the electronics market. However, Apple may face problems with its release, at least in China.

The problem comes in the form of a trademark issue. One of the crucial aspects of working on any electronics is naming the product itself. This aspect is more important than it may seem, and the availability of the chosen name by the manufacturer on various markets is a critical factor.

It may happen that the chosen name is already protected by a trademark in certain markets. This can ultimately lead to various legal disputes and conflicts, which is never a positive thing. Something similar has now happened to Apple with its new product, Vision Pro.


Photo by Apple

Vision Pro won’t easily pass in China

A very interesting situation has emerged in the Chinese market. One of Apple’s main competitors, Huawei, holds a trademark for the name “Vision Pro” in the local market. This means that Apple cannot introduce its new product under that official name, at least not in China.

As reported by Gizchina, the Chinese manufacturer registered this trademark four years ago, so it wasn’t a hasty action with the intention of harming anyone. This trademark can be viewed in the China Trademark Network system.

Coincidence or foresight by Huawei?

It is, of course, a question of whether this is a coincidence or if Huawei was so foresighted in 2019 when they registered the trademark that they knew about the preparation of a headset with this specific name. Huawei will hold this trademark until 2031, so if Apple wants to release its headset under the name Vision Pro in the local market, they will have to take steps to reach an agreement with their competitor.


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