Are we alone in the universe or not? Artificial Intelligence to find aliens

Are we alone in the universe or not? Artificial Intelligence to find aliens
When Stephen Hawking said out loud at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, a few years ago that artificial intelligence, or AI, can be "a good servant as well as a bad master", it caused a bit of a shock. Not because the brilliant scientist spoke out of turn, but because he just said what many, not just the general public, fear.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Hawking said that humanity will most likely reach a point where artificial intelligence will be completely self-sustaining. In this context, after nuclear weapons and other horrific advances of war, it may be one of the worst, if not the worst nightmare man has ever faced.

However, many experts say that this is an outline of the most catastrophic scenario, which may not actually happen. And in the same breath, they also highlight where everywhere we encounter machine learning today, without fully realising its benefits. Examples include automotive, medical, and it can be seen in the military or, most recently, in space exploration.

Helps in the search for aliens

This is evidenced by the latest interesting news. The University of Toronto is currently home to an international team of scientists behind the development of a new “super algorithm” to help answer the question of whether we are really alone in the universe.

A subsequent communiqué suggests that this artificial intelligence will significantly improve the SETI project’s search for extraterrestrial civilisation by intercepting radio communications, as it is able to read even seemingly indistinct nuances in the data. The scientists also added that they have already managed to pick up eight interesting preliminary signals that they would not have paid attention to before, thanks to AI, reports EarthSky.


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