Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm! Snapchat jumps on the bandwagon

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Those who don’t have artificial intelligence, it’s as if they don’t exist. Anyone who doesn’t have a chatbot, albeit a truncated one, is out. Anyone who doesn’t resonate with the current trends in AI is a dinosaur out of step with the times. This is how one could sum up the current mania sweeping the tech industry in a nutshell.

Look for ChatGPT behind it all


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What OpenAI managed to do not long ago with its advanced ChatGPT tool is unprecedented in the last few years. The sophisticated, interactive and incredibly topic-flexible chatbot has been accompanied by universally highly positive reactions. And despite all sorts of previous attempts, it is seen as the imaginary trigger for what is happening right now.

Every big company wants to have its own AI. And each has tackled it in its own way. But one thing is certain. At least marketing-wise, it is now the most interesting item. Another big name that wants to lure users to AI is the popular social network Snapchat.

AI is currently attracted to Snapchat

This works on the basis of ChatGPT, except it’s called My AI and is currently only available as part of the Snapchat Plus subscription. Admittedly, there are indications that the feature will be available to everyone in the near future, but that’s music of the near future for now.

The novelty works principally as an interactive helper with whom one can chat; for example, when no neighbor or friend is at hand, reports Gizchina.

Besides, it can do other things too. You know those awkward situations when you don’t know what to do; be it a gift, a suggestion, what to have for dinner, etc.? My AI can handle it all. It even “spins” a love poem if necessary.

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