Autonomy forward! Porsche will be developing new technologies on a breathtaking “circuit”

Technical Center Nardo, owned by Porsche in southern Italy, is primarily known for its 12.6 km circular high-speed test track. As announced by Porsche, the testing facility will also serve as a software development site focused on autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous technologies will be tested in real-time

The automaker states that the location will become an innovative laboratory for the development of cutting-edge technologies that can be tested in real-time on the Nardo test track. The company’s new division will focus on the development of highly automated driving functions, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, and connectivity features. This move comes shortly after the installation of a 5G network at the site.

Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies will be crucial tools enabling car manufacturers to develop autonomous technology. By allowing vehicles to communicate with each other and the road network, they are not solely reliant on what their sensors can perceive in their immediate vicinity. This has the potential to make the operation of autonomous vehicles safer.

Autonomy forward! Porsche will be developing new technologies on a breathtaking “circuit”

Photo by Porshe

The future of the automotive industry is closely tied to digitalization

“Digitally supported functions will play a crucial role in the future of the automotive industry,” said Antonio Gratis, CEO of NTC. “With our new software division, we can develop and test these functions directly on-site.” According to Carscoops, the office of the software division will be located in nearby Lecce, which Porsche describes as having a large pool of talent.

This step will help NTC establish itself within an integrated technological center closely linked to the development and testing network of Porsche Engineering. “We are proud to establish a software division in this prestigious area,” said Gratis. “We have deep connections with this region, we know the local people and their potential, and we are proud that the digitalization of the automotive industry will also be connected to this territory.”


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