Bad news for fans of The Last of Us. The upcoming multiplayer is facing issues


Sony has significantly reduced the number of developers at Naughty Dog studio who have been working on the highly anticipated multiplayer game set in the popular post-apocalyptic franchise, The Last of Us. The reason is said to be a reassessment of the project’s quality and long-term financial potential. Journalist Jason Schreier from Bloomberg magazine reported this information. Shortly before the article was published, the development studio released an open letter on social media, appealing to players for patience.

The unnamed project, which fans have dubbed “Factions” based on the successful online mode from the first game, recently underwent internal evaluation, resulting in a significant downsizing of the development team, according to Schreier, citing four unnamed sources. Although the game has not been canceled, several developers have been reassigned to other projects. The mentioned letter from Naughty Dog studio also hinted at development difficulties, stating that more time is needed for the game’s development.

The multiplayer mode has been in development for several years. Originally intended to be part of The Last of Us: Part II (2020), the creators decided to transform it into a standalone project due to growing ambitions. The Japanese company has recently embraced the trend of “games as a service,” designed to keep players spending money long after the initial purchase. They entrusted their studio Bungie, a specialist in online games, with ongoing evaluations, unsure if The Last of Us could captivate players in the long run.

The effort to enter the online gaming market was evident in the recently broadcast PlayStation Showcase, where four different exclusive titles focusing on multiplayer were announced, attracting criticism from a number of fans. However, Naughty Dog studio is also working on other games, including a new blockbuster with a compelling storyline.


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