Beautiful yet false. Company CEO denies new renders of the Nothing Phone (2)

The new phone from Nothing is slowly preparing for its market launch. The brand has confirmed that the Nothing Phone (2) will be available globally and in India this summer. The first smartphone introduced by Nothing received positive feedback from consumers, mainly due to its good performance and original design.

Nothing Phone (2) is expected to be transparent and luminous, just like its predecessor

We have already discussed some details about the Nothing Phone (2) earlier. Now, Steve H.McFly, also known as @OnLeaks, has revealed its alleged design. At first glance, the “Nothing” design with a transparent back and prominent light strips Glyph is evident.

However, the design is still in the preparatory stages. Its appearance is likely to remain, but it may undergo slight changes after testing, as highlighted by SmartPrix server.

The most significant changes that will be worth it

A significant change has been made to the design of the wireless charging coil lights. Instead of a single long strip, the Nothing Phone (2) now utilizes several small light strips. This design change allows for independent control of each strip and offers flexibility for creating custom functions.

The camera flash has also received an upgrade, now utilizing two LED diodes. The frame of the phone is slightly curved, providing a more comfortable grip and a premium aesthetic appearance. This design enhancement adds an elegant touch to the overall look of the device. Both the display and the back of the phone have a slight curvature resembling a 2.5D effect. The phone features the traditional SIM card slot and USB-C charging port. There is no visible 3.5mm headphone jack in the photos, but that has become a common standard. The device will also come with a 4,700mAh battery.


Photo by SmartPrix

Carl Pei’s swift response

Nothing CEO Carl Pei wasted no time and simply wrote “FAKE” in a tweet, indicating that the latest renders circulating on the internet depicting the alleged appearance of the upcoming Nothing Phone (2) were indeed only “alleged” and not genuine. However, this does not change the fact that the company is working on a new generation of their mobile phone.


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