Blue Origin wins a huge contract! NASA to spend billions of dollars on lander

Blue Origin has been awarded a contract by NASA to build a landing module for upcoming trips to the Moon. It's not due for another couple of years, but testing will take place first. What will the nearly $3.5 billion contract offer the companies?

Blue Origin competes with SpaceX again


Foto de SpaceX na Unsplash

Reuters reported that Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has won a competition to build a space module that will be used on the Artemis V mission. Elon Musk’s SpaceX will provide the technology for the third and fourth missions. The main goal of all missions is to ensure a long-term human presence on the Moon. The cost of the project is estimated at $3.4 billion.

NASA director Bill Nelson praises the event, saying that the diversity of suppliers increases competition, which leads to better results. He also explains that with two manufacturers, the company has a backup in case, for example, development is delayed.

The Contract Plays Into Bezos’ Hands

NASA says it also chose the company because of the lower price and the wider use of the module. The package also includes two unmanned test missions. They will take place over the next two years and will be paid for out of Blue Origin’s own pocket.

This is definitely a positive development for Jeff Bezos, as he lost the last battle for technology contracts to Elon Musk. Blue Origin’s module will come to fruition in 2029, when the aforementioned fifth Artemis mission will take place. In the years to come, we can look forward to a spectacular conquest of space.

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