BMW has integrated artificial intelligence into the development of its new vehicles


Artificial intelligence is permeating into all conceivable spheres, and it is no wonder that the German automobile manufacturer BMW has also begun to explore this technology. It primarily utilizes AI for artistic purposes. What can it design, and how did the Chief Designer express his views on this?

AI will aid in car design

The Top Gear website presents an interview with BMW’s Chief Designer, Adrian van Hooydonk. In the interview, he reveals how the automaker currently leverages artificial intelligence. AI simplifies the work of designers in various areas.

The Chief Designer mentions, for example, the design of wheels. Thanks to AI, it is sufficient to define the parameters required for a particular vehicle type, and within moments, the engineers have a complete generated model. However, he also discloses that the final form will always be decided by humans.


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The entire car is currently beyond the capabilities of artificial intelligence

Van Hooydonk also shared a humorous experience when he tasked his team’s artificial intelligence to design an entire car body. However, AI was unable to handle this task and did not come up with anything innovative; instead, it merely plagiarized older models that had already been created, just like the famous Midjourney.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we won’t witness the design of future models using AI. The advantage lies primarily in its ability to effectively combine all the necessary parameters with design elements, which would otherwise consume significantly more time for artists. Therefore, the potential of artificial intelligence in this field will certainly not go to waste.


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