Boring Co. expands. Next Vegas Loop station opening soon

The Vegas Loop project, which promises to connect the city of Las Vegas through underground tunnels, is expanding with an additional station. It is scheduled to open next year and will lead from the main station to a luxury hotel resort.

The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas shared a tweet announcing the development of a new station as part of Elon Musk’s project. The 700-meter tunnel has already been excavated and will be operational next year. The journey from the central Loop station to the hotel is said to take approximately one minute.

The hotel proudly supports emission-free transportation, as electric Tesla vehicles will be operating in the underground tunnels. Although the tunnel construction took around two months, it represents a smaller addition compared to the recently announced project expansion.


How are tunnels being excavated? 

Building a network of tunnels beneath a city may seem like a challenging task. Elon Musk’s company uses a special machine called Prufrock-2, which moves at a speed of 1.6 kilometers per week. While slower than a snail’s pace, the company plans to construct faster machines.

The Vegas Loop is planned to have a total of 69 stations, with the tunnels spanning a length of nearly 105 km. The Boring Company expects to transport up to 90,000 passengers per hour, and there are plans for a connection between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The company already put the first few stations into operation in 2021.


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