Bugatti employs a metrologist. He supervises the production of cars with unprecedented precision


Bugatti is so committed to the pursuit of excellence that it employs an experienced metrologist to ensure that every vehicle leaving the factory meets world-class standards.

Only perfect vehicles can leave the factory


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The metrologist takes precise measurements and ensures that processes or product quality are of the highest standards. Bugatti employs Grégoire Haller-Meyer in this role. He is responsible not only for the measurements, but also for analysing and checking all components to ensure that all parts are perfectly installed.

“My job is to find the reason why the gap between two parts differs from our specified tolerances, even by a single millimeter,” he explains. “This could lead to, for example, unwanted noises at the high speeds that our hyper sports cars reach.”

Tolerance is measured in thousandths of a millimetre

The metrologist uses a combination of manual tools and precision 3D scanners working with an accuracy of up to 0.005 mm, reports Carscoops. If a part is found to deviate from the defined tolerances in its design or location, it is his job to find the root cause of the problem. The metrologist then shares his findings with engineers and manufacturing technologists in order to replace or repair the part.

“But measuring different components and tolerances is only part of my job,” Haller-Meyer notes. “The other part of it is analyzing the data to guarantee and continuously improve our quality standards and ensure absolute excellence in the hypersport cars we create.”

The automaker adds that it applies the same level of quality control to all of its models, regardless of whether they are “regular” Chiron or limited edition models such as the Centodieci or La Voiture Noire.


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