How to Make Money With Ads in 2022

Almost everyone already saw an ad on social media. Every time you see an ad, someone is playing on you, that is how they make money with ads. by Playing.

What does Play Mean?

That means that someone pays to have you as a client. His campaign reaches you because of what you see on the web. How? simple! Every time you visit a website and allow cookies, you let it record your preferences. Ads companies use this information to improve their precision on the web.

Nowadays those who master the ads can play at a high level in digital marketing and those are the ones who make millions over the years in this market.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is Internet marketing. The difference is in the scope of people it can impact and the tools needed to conduct business. Many youths became multi-millionaires using digital marketing techniques and what they all have in common is the mastery of ads.

To make money with ads

As you already know, digital marketing guys use ads to become millionaires from scratch, but that is only one of the various domains where ads are useful. Videogames, apps, journals, sports teams, blogs, and many others, use ads to increase their broadcasting ranges. Bloggers make more money with ads than anything else. For example, while you read this article, you probably see an ad somewhere on the page. A blog uses ad services, in our case, for example, we use Google AdSense to monetize from clicks.

2 Simplest Ways to Start Making Money with Ads from Scratch

Selling Products online (You pay to gain)


Every single product owner loves to sell on a large scale, which is why they look for affiliates. You can start as an affiliate and create ads for the products to expand your audience and grant success in sales. Notice that simple does not mean easy. But you can also start as a producer.

Blogging (You are paid)

You can make money blogging, as I showed before, clicking on the ads on the web page. To make it possible, bloggers use various techniques, such as SEO, in order to create attractive content and get views that can be converted into ads clicks. But for that, to have a blog with ads, the blogger must prove his blogs quality by submitting for approval by the ads generators companies.


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