Can artificial intelligence read our minds? A groundbreaking discovery unprecedented

In recent reflections, we have announced that artificial intelligence is without exaggeration the number one topic in the current technological world. And it doesn't matter that we have been encountering it in various forms for years.

Amazing artificial intelligence

In the context of immediate impact on the average person, nothing like what the latest creation of OpenAI, ChatGPT, has caused has ever happened. This chatbot has turned the lives of individuals and established businesses upside down. It has also shown what possibilities AI offers in everyday life, whether it’s education or leisure.

There are certainly many aspects that can be shaped in the future with the spread of artificial intelligence. For example, Bill Gates highlights not only its enormous practical benefits but also completely new possibilities in the field of education.

And the latest research, which is reported in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Science, crowned it all. The team of scientists from the University of Austin achieved a real feat.

AI Can Read Minds

“Given that the human brain-computer interface tested should respect mental privacy, we tested whether successful decoding requires subject cooperation, and found that subject cooperation is necessary for both training and using the decoder. Our findings only demonstrate the future of non-invasive language platforms.”

Indeed, with significant help from artificial intelligence, he was able to deduce the content of the text the subject was listening to quite accurately based on long-term observation of brain activity by magnetic resonance imaging. Very succinctly, they have created an advanced non-invasive decoder that generates intelligible sequences of words.

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