Candela’s electric hydrofoil ferry: the future of coastal transportation?

Photo: Clun Candela P12
Candela, the Swedish innovator in electric hydrofoil boat manufacturing, is making waves in the maritime industry once again. The company proudly announces the successful sea trials of its latest creation, the P-12. This groundbreaking model is now gearing up for production, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of electric ferry technology.

Candela’s Hydrofoil Legacy

Candela has already carved a niche for itself with its electric hydrofoil recreational boats, notably the renowned Candela C-8. These vessels have not only graced European waterways but have also found a welcoming audience in the US market. The C-8, a world-record holder for endurance, owes its success to a distinctive design. By utilizing computer-controlled hydrofoils, Candela achieves an exceptional reduction in energy consumption, exceeding 80%. This technological marvel allows these boats to cover vast distances with a fraction of the battery capacity required by larger electric vessels.

Meet the P-12: A Hydrofoil Giant

Building on its hydrofoil expertise, Candela introduces the P-12, its largest model to date. With a passenger capacity of up to 30, this electric hydrofoil ferry tackles a significant challenge faced by commercial electric ferries—limited range. Equipped with a robust 252 kWh battery, the P-12 boasts an impressive range of up to 100 kilometers (54 nautical miles). This breakthrough addresses coastal transportation needs efficiently, positioning the P-12 as a game-changer in the ferry industry.

The P-12 further streamlines operations with its support for fast charging using direct current, a feature showcased in Candela’s record-breaking endurance voyages. This capability ensures minimal downtime, crucial for meeting the demands of commercial ferry services.

Photo: Candela p12 photo1

Photo: Candela p12 photo1

Sailing Beyond the Wake

Candela’s hydrofoil design extends beyond efficiency—it leaves no wake. In locations like Venice, Italy, where traditional boats must navigate cautiously to prevent wakes from causing erosion, Candela’s vessels shine. Their unique design allows for higher speeds without compromising the delicate canal edges, providing a competitive advantage that transcends the realm of energy efficiency.

The fusion of cutting-edge hydrofoil technology, enhanced passenger capacity, and extended range positions Candela as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of electric ferries. The P-12 not only exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation but also stands as a symbol of a greener, more efficient future for coastal transportation. Candela’s success story continues to unfold, leaving a wake of inspiration in the maritime industry.

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