Car or game console? Tesla starts supporting the popular Steam

Car or game console? Tesla starts supporting the popular Steam

Charging an electric car can be a lengthy process if you arrive at the charging station with minimal percentage in the battery. Tesla has been keen to make this much more enjoyable for vehicle owners for some time now, so it has added various mini-games to its system, but these get tiresome over time. In a new infotainment update, however, it brings something that can be described as a breakthrough without exaggeration.

Steam in Tesla cars

Thanks to the very best hardware, Tesla Model S and Model X owners (2022 and newer) can enjoy the latest, greatest and most advanced games available today. Just download the new update, install it, log into your Steam library and let the fun begin.

Users still need a premium internet connection to play, which can be purchased directly from Tesla. And what games are actually available? In fact, all titles that are also available on Steam Deck, and the reason for this is that the Tesla app is based on Linux and not Windows.

Legendary game titles

There’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Elden Ring and a remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man. It should also be noted that Steam is expanding the list considerably at the moment.
Can you imagine playing the best gaming titles of today while charging, right in the car’s infotainment system? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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