ChatGPT at risk: Google deploys its chatbot in regular search

Google is trying to catch up with its AI competitors as fast as it can. Although the American company stayed at the starting line longer than it should have after the imaginary shot, it is currently embarking on a mighty finish. So who or what is the Bard platform anyway?

ChatGPT has competition

Photo by Google

The service was recently unveiled by Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself. Bard, like ChatGPT, is based on the Model Language for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). It’s all based on the principle of collecting information on the internet, which is then used to generate the most accurate answers in real time.

Pichai further stated that this service can lead to a revolution in the world of conversational artificial intelligence. The aim would be to provide versatile information in all fields. Humans will be able to push their creative boundaries or acquire new knowledge and skills with AI.

Google search engine coming soon with AI

Doesn’t that sound great? Of course it does! Let’s just hope that the practical demonstrations will offer a higher level and better output than Microsoft’s implementation of AI in the Bing search engine. But back to Google.

According to available information, Bard is also supposed to make searches significantly more convenient and easier. It should also offer unprecedentedly specific answers. Currently, the AI is being released for testing within a small group of users, Android Authority reports. It can therefore be assumed that a more widespread deployment may not be far off.

While Google is being stingy with its word in terms of specific terms, on the other hand, it can be assumed that a more widespread deployment may not be far away given the growing competition. We ourselves are curious to see how dramatically Google’s search engine will improve and what exactly a more sophisticated interaction will look like,

Artificial intelligence is booming

In this context, Google recently provided a very detailed recap on its blog that gives a hint that no stone will be left unturned thanks to AI. The enterprise has announced that it is already making very drastic changes within Workspace.

Gmail with new AI

Current advances in generative artificial intelligence, he says, are opening up new possibilities in completely innovative ways. Among the first services to be affected by the move will be the popular Gmail and Docs apps. As you’ve probably correctly guessed, AI will help out with text writing as well as final editing just before sending.

There is also a minor layout change associated with this. With the new feature will come a new field that will be a keyword generator, and this applies to special occasions as well. Simply choose a subject, such as an internal memorandum for employees, the AI will then spit out a draft, the person in question will tweak it, and the email can go out in a flash.


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