ChatGPT now has eyes and ears: Access the latest information with ease

ChatGPT now has eyes and ears: Access the latest information with ease

The ChatGPT 4 language model is probably the smartest and most advanced generative artificial intelligence. This chatbot is constantly evolving, so that today and every day it amazes the world with what it is capable of. The company behind it, OpenAI, has now given it a major upgrade in the form of plugin support. They make ChatGPT a whole lot more capable.

A new batch of information


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Up until now, the ChatGPT chatbot has relied on aggregated data in its responses, going back to 2021 at the latest. But now, thanks to the newly implemented plugin support, that’s coming to an end and ChatGPT will be able to tap into the internet for new information when creating content. The Gizmochina came up with this information.

These embedded modules will allow him not only to access the Internet, but also to interact with specific sites. This will, of course, improve the chatbot’s capabilities exponentially and significantly increase its breadth of coverage, which will of course mainly benefit users.

The first plugins have arrived

The first 11 plugins are currently available for ChatGPT, including Expedia, OpenTable, Kayak, Klarna Shopping and Zapier. The plugin that allows access to the Internet is called Browsing, and it was released directly by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

In the attached video, you can see how it all works and the other notable new feature is the listing of the source from which ChatGPT obtained information when accessing the web. This is something the chatbot has not been able to do until now and is definitely an important feature.

When will the modules arrive among users?

Plugin support is only available for a select few users for now, and will expand to other users over time. The first to see this update will be owners of the paid version and, of course, developers. Over time, the range of individual plugins will also start to expand.


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