Covering up to 335 km in just 20 minutes. The charging king isn’t Tesla, but its rival

Covering up to 335 km in just 20 minutes. The charging king isn’t Tesla, but its rival
Interested individuals searching for an electric vehicle as their future vehicle primarily consider two vehicle attributes: range and charging speed. Naturally, everyone desires the highest values from their vehicle. On the market, there are cars available that can almost flawlessly meet both criteria. However, this comes at a higher purchase price.

Lucid’s electric car takes the lead

According to a new survey conducted by P3 Group, the top performer in both categories is the Lucid Air Grand Touring. In the American market, it offers the longest range and the highest charging speed among all available models. Local customers can purchase the vehicle, including fees, for a price of $139,650. During a 20-minute test, the vehicle achieved a range of 334 kilometers.

A total of 13 models participated in the test. Lucid gains its advantage primarily due to its 800V onboard technology. The vehicle also offers the highest theoretical range on a single full charge. With its 112 kWh battery capacity, the display shows a range of up to 830 kilometers. In second place is the Tesla Model S Plaid, which replenished its energy for a range of 310 kilometers in twenty minutes. Considering that the vehicle has only half the voltage of the Lucid, this is a very pleasing value. However, the range of the 95 kWh battery stops at 637 kilometers.


 Photo by Hyundai Motor Group on Unsplas 

Luxury competition embarrassed by the “ordinary” Kia 

However, such vehicles are practically forbidden for most electric vehicle enthusiasts. Their high price makes them the best and, above all, the most expensive option you can get today. In contrast, the Kia EV6 with rear-wheel drive and longer range is significantly more affordable. In the USA, you can get it for around $44,000. 

However, compared to the absolute winner, it falls short by just 27 kilometers in the test. From a full battery, you can get up to 498 kilometers with a 74 kWh battery capacity. This trio of vehicles stood far ahead of the remaining vehicles. In the ten-minute charging test, Kia even outperformed Lucid.

The organization tested the vehicles on the 350 kW Electrify America charging network in the United States. Tesla vehicles were tested on their own Superchargers. The test also included BMW iX and i4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and F-150 Lightning. Polestar, Porsche, Rivian, and Volkswagen joined the party as well.


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