Craziest Car Concept You’ve Never Seen! Backed by a Renowned Creator

There’s no doubt that this is the most revolutionary car concept in the world. Behind it stands Shane Chen, the inventor of the hoverboard. What details have emerged about this futuristic electric vehicle, and could you even imagine cruising with something like this?

Hoverboard Creator Unveils His Electric Vehicle

Inventor of the hoverboard, Shane Chen, revealed a new futuristic electric vehicle concept with his company, Inventist. The two-wheeled electric vehicle “Shane,” from the well-known inventor, introduces an entirely unique approach and revamps the traditional car structure from the ground up.

This novel functionality, where the wheels automatically respond concerning the vehicle’s body to maintain perfect balance, means the two-wheeled vehicle can travel safely at very high speeds.

This is a concept of an electric car from the inventor of the hoverboard | photo: Inventist

This is a concept of an electric car from the inventor of the hoverboard | photo: Inventist

What does this concept promise exactly?

Among the key features of this vehicle concept, stability is one of the most highlighted elements. The automatic shifting of the center of gravity, countering the driving and braking moments to maintain equilibrium, is intended to provide the same stability as a four-wheeled vehicle. Regarding maneuverability, the company promises much easier parking not only due to speed control with a two-wheel differential but also overall improved maneuverability.

During the vehicle unveiling, Chen expressed his excitement at being the first to create a concept for a two-wheeled vehicle that allows for safe high-speed travel and high energy efficiency. He added that he looks forward to collaborating with partners who will help breathe life into the concept. Besides introducing this vehicle, Chen also managed to display a new hoverboard called Hovertrax II, ensuring increased stability on rougher surfaces beyond streets and sidewalks, enabling one to stand on it even when it’s turned off.

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