Custom music on demand? Google’s artificial intelligence MusicLM can create it for you


Current possibilities of artificial intelligence often leave us breathless, although they are mostly experimental features. Google’s MusicLM intelligence is no exception, but it has the potential to largely replace some existing services, such as audio libraries with music backgrounds. This AI can create the perfect composition based on your preferences and description, which you can immediately use for various purposes, whether it’s soothing jazz for a romantic dinner or intense techno for a wild party.

New music on demand in seconds


Photo by Google LM

In your description, you can be both specific and vague, and the artificial intelligence will always generate two versions of the composition for you to choose the one you prefer. You can also mark the version you liked more with a small trophy icon, helping the AI to learn faster. However, the question remains whether it will eventually slide into generating boring and predictable music based on the average listener’s taste, or if it will be able to experiment and “break free.”

Just like with Midjourney and similar tools focused on generating artistic content, the question arises here as well: will it somehow harm the livelihood of musicians and other artists? However, Google strictly denies this and claims to collaborate with artists in the development process, stating that their intention is for artificial intelligence to enrich the creative process. MusicLM is available through a web interface or applications for Android and iOS, but for testing, you need to register and join a waiting list.


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