Delete these 2 apps immediately! If you don’t, WhatsApp will cancel your account

WhatsApp and other apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms for sharing messages and multimedia content, despite a number of scandals. The developers at Meta have been working very hard on WhatsApp, bringing new features and updates almost every week. However, for some users this is not enough and they download unofficial apps from various sources. These modified versions pose a security problem.

WhatsApp will suspend your account

Whatsapp app

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WhatsApp’s development team recently reported that it will remove the accounts of users who use unofficial or modified versions of the app. This means that if you run an app offered by a third party on your phone, you could be risking your conversations and contacts.

And how do you know if your account is at risk? WhatsApp will first send a message that your account is temporarily suspended. If you ignore this warning and continue to use the unofficial app, you will be permanently suspended.

Risk applications

  1. WhatsApp Plus;
  2. GB WhatsApp.

It’s not worth it…

So if you’re using the unofficial WhatsApp app on your phone, now is the time to uninstall it. Instead, install the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It’s completely free and there’s no risk of your account being deleted.



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