Did you want USB-C? Apple has come up with a trick to make you really hate the change

I'm sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone with USB-C. It's almost confirmed that we'll see it as early as this fall, when 15 iPhones will be introduced.

USB-C on the iPhone 15 with a big hook

Did you want USB-C? Apple has come up with a trick to make you really hate the change

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Apple started the transition to USB-C on its computers, back in 2015. However, it was resisted vehemently for its iconic iPhones, and it wasn’t until the European Union forced the company to change with its regulation to standardise charging connectors.

However, according to the ShrimpApplePro Twitter account, there’s a catch to the whole thing. An MFI-certified USB-C cable will be needed to achieve maximum charging and data transfer speeds. Cables without this certification will not be able to charge the new iPhones at full speed.

Pay extra for maximum speed

The second hitch is that Apple will likely limit data transfer speeds on base models. So if you want full speed, you’ll have to reach for the Pro variants. According to recent leaks, this should make quite a big difference.

For the classic iPhones, the speed should be at USB 2.0 level (480 Mbps), while the Pro versions will have a USB-C port with speeds at least at USB 3.2 level (20 Gbps) and speculated to be over 40 Gbps (Thunderbolt 3).

Is this a problem?

For many users, this could be a serious problem. They’ll have to replace their entire charging accessories for one reason and one reason only – Apple’s nonsensical restriction on the new generation of iPhone 15.


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