Discover the Sensational Google Maps Feature You May Not Know About


Google Maps are among the most popular and widely used navigation platforms. In addition to navigation itself, there are a plethora of other, more or less useful functions, and over time Google Maps has become an incredibly helpful package. Today we’ll give you a tip on one of the most practical functions that Google Maps offers.

Everyday Navigation

The main and primary function of the Google Maps platform is, of course, navigation, whether on foot or by means of transportation. You can use today’s tip for pedestrian navigation, for example around the city, and with its help, you can easily find out the distance between individual objects.

It’s really very simple. To measure the distance between locations, you need to place a virtual pin in Google Maps. This is done by clicking with your finger on the location you plan to measure from and placing a fixed point in it to serve as a starting point.

Plan your journey step by step

Once you’ve placed the pin, all you have to do is move the map around and it will automatically show you the exact distance. But that’s not all. Points can be added to the navigation step by step, so you can map and plan your entire journey in great detail.

You’ll know exactly how long the road ahead is and how long it will take you, which is invaluable when planning in detail. As you can see, Google Maps is a really handy tool that you won’t get lost in the urban jungle, and it’s definitely a good idea to know all of its features.

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