Eco-friendly Nothing Phone (2) delights ecology enthusiasts

Original Nothing Phone (1), signed by Carl Pei and his startup Nothing, arrived about a year ago and successfully stirred the stagnant mobile waters. This unique device with a luminous signature on the back impressed many users, not only for its originality but also for its devilishly good performance.

How will its successor fare?

New Nothing Phone brings joy to activists With the upcoming premiere of the new generation of this unique creation, Nothing Phone (2) is being promoted by both Carl Pei and the company Nothing. They have recently shared several new details on Twitter, revealing additional specifications such as display size and battery capacity. A significant part of these updates was also dedicated to ecology.

The new Nothing Phone (2) once again features a 100% recycled aluminum frame, boasting a significantly lower carbon footprint. The assembly plants for the phone will be powered by 100% renewable energy sources, and the retail packaging will be entirely plastic-free. The new generation of this model will offer three times more recycled materials than the original Nothing Phone (1).

Larger display and more spacious battery

Overall, the Nothing Phone (2) will have a carbon footprint of 53.45 kg CO2, which is over 5 kg less than the first generation. This is undoubtedly a great result, as the phone will be more modern in almost every aspect and will come with significantly better features. For instance, the display will offer a 0.15-inch larger diagonal size, giving us a 6.7-inch screen to look forward to.

The resolution is likely to remain the same, with Full HD+ expected, and we can also anticipate the same 120 Hz refresh rate. Compared to the first model, the battery will increase by 200 mAh to 4,700 mAh, and the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will drive this new device, which was confirmed earlier. Uncertainties still exist regarding the camera and charging, but we will undoubtedly learn these details sooner or later.

The arrival of the Nothing Phone (2) is just around the corner

There are still a few missing pieces in the puzzle called the Nothing Phone (2), such as the specific release date. However, it has been confirmed that the phone will arrive sometime in the summer. The first generation was officially introduced in mid-July, so it’s possible that we can expect a similar timeframe for the upcoming release. Regardless, it is clear that we have something exciting to look forward to once again.


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