Electrifying Triumph: Rivian R1S Conquers the Grueling Rubicon Trail


Breaking boundaries, the Rivian R1S has achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first electric vehicle to conquer the renowned Rubicon Trail. This remarkable achievement prompts questions about the duration of this electric SUV’s journey and its charging strategy along the way.

Rivian R1S Rises to the Challenge

In a monumental achievement, the Rivian R1S electric SUV from a young American automaker has etched its name into history by conquering a trail that eluded other electric vehicles. The Rubicon Trail, notorious as one of the United States’ most famed and demanding off-road routes, fell before the might of the Rivian R1S.

 The Rubicon Trail, famed for its rugged terrain, stands as a testament to off-road prowess. While expert off-roaders can traverse it in a mere eight to ten hours, wisdom advises allocating at least two days for the journey. This is not a race; it’s a voyage of scenic wonders. Heeding this advice, Rivian’s drivers completed the journey in less than 56 hours.

Chronicles of the Trail

Embarking on August 7th at 7:45 AM via the Loon Lake entrance, the Rivian team emerged victorious on the other side at 3:30 PM on August 9th. Impressively, the entire journey was completed on a single charge. The central display of the electric SUV indicated an 80% battery charge at the outset, with around 10% remaining after the two-day expedition.

Remarkable Performance of an Unmodified R1S

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the journey is that the Rivian R1S that triumphed was a standard production model with minimal modifications. The vehicle’s only additional features were a roof rack, front bumper tow hooks, and threshold protection.

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