Electromobility’s New Player! Huawei Unveils Innovative Electric Car

The long-awaited collaboration between Chinese automaker Chery and technological giant Huawei has come to fruition. Together, they announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Luxeed EH3 electric sedan. When will it hit the market, and what will be its price?

Huawei’s Electric Car Arrives

The new vehicle is an electric sedan, born from the joint project of Huawei and Chery. As reported by CarNewsChina, this fresh electric car will be sold under the new brand name Luxeed, with the model being EH3. Luxeed EH3 is built on the E0X platform, which Chery plans to use for its upcoming Exeed Sterra ES and Exeed Sterra ET models.

This novel platform is designed for electric vehicles with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. It also features an 800V architecture and CATL batteries, providing a potential range of up to 700 kilometers for future customers. The vehicle is expected to enter the market with a starting price of 200,000 yuan. – What else do we know about this new electric car?


Photo by Huawei


Distinctive Design and Advanced Features

At first glance, the Luxeed EH3 electric sedan catches the eye with an unusual rooftop feature, which is nothing but a Lidar sensor. Beyond that, the car boasts 11 HD cameras, 3 microwave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars. It’s also equipped with the ADS 2.0 driving system, enabling autonomous driving in cities and on highways.

This feature will be available in over 45 Chinese cities right after its introduction and is expected to expand its coverage in the future. Another intriguing feature is the option for drivers to connect a drone to the car and stream video directly onto the central panel of their electric vehicle. The official unveiling is anticipated to happen any day now.

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