End of Exaggeration and Lies in Ads. EU Cracks Down on “Promise Tricks.”

The EU is starting to interfere more and more in the technology sector with various pieces of legislation. Now it has prepared another regulation, this time on advertising and packaging. The aim will be greater environmental transparency.

Another label?

The new EU directive will target unsubstantiated claims of eco-friendliness that often appear in advertising or on packaging. Examples include statements such as “climate neutral” or “environmentally friendly”.

These claims will need to be backed up by hard data, which manufacturers must be able to substantiate. This will include transparent indication of the cost of repairing the products and any damage that is beyond repair from the manufacturer’s point of view.

The aim should be quality facilities

The main aim of the new labels is to reduce the production of consumer goods, including electronics, that break immediately after the warranty period has expired. Manufacturers who produce honest and quality equipment should benefit. These rules will also apply to advertisements for the products and equipment in question.

The accompanying report also mentions that the new regulation is intended to ensure the interoperability of accessories (chargers, spare parts, etc.). This means, for example, that manufacturers must ensure that all third-party chargers with the appropriate parameters have the maximum possible charging performance.

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