End of shared accounts. Netflix officially launches a crackdown on “savers.”


Netflix has recently been struggling with a number of issues that have negatively impacted the popularity of the service and the company’s profits. The American giant has tried to compensate for the loss of subscribers by cancelling certain projects. In addition, it also wants to make up for the financial losses by raising prices and, above all, by cancelling the previously very popular bonus, which was the unregulated possibility of sharing accounts.

Want to share an account? Pay

As the company itself informs in its new press release, as of May 23, the US officially stops supporting account sharing outside the home. If any user attempts to do so, they can expect an email informing them of the new rules. It will also tell them what options they have and what they can do next. One of these is to check who is using your account, but this is more useful if your account is stolen.

The other two options are aimed directly at those who want to share their account with friends outside the same household. The first option allows you to transfer one of the profiles from your account to a completely new or different account, which the user will pay for themselves. The second option then offers the purchase of a so-called extra member outside the household, where for $8 a month, a lower price than the standard subscription, you will be able to keep a friend’s profile under your account.

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There is no massive user exodus

The extra member profile allows simultaneous streaming on only one device, as well as being able to store downloaded movies and series on only one device. You still get the standard benefits for a lower price, though, which many users might appreciate. So instead of a collective exodus of subscribers, there could paradoxically be some growth.

What’s more, Netflix says it’s not yet seeing any massive exodus of angry users who don’t like the new rules. Instead, it says it is seeing subscriber growth in certain markets where the new rules are already in place. Still, it will be interesting to see what direction the situation in America takes in the days and weeks ahead. After all, this is a massive market with around 70 million paying users.

What about in other countries?

At the moment, it’s not clear when the new rules will arrive in other countries. For now, Netflix isn’t sending out any notifications, and account sharing is working as well as ever. However, it can be expected that after most major markets, the news will come to us as well.

Netflix tweeted on the Netflix brasil page the following:

“Your Netflix account is for you and the people who live with you.

Now, you can manage how those accesses are used with the new tools that are coming this way – and yes, you can watch as normal when you’re away or traveling.”

It is possible that they are preparing this ban on account sharing in other countries.


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