Equality for all: Twitter has cancelled free celebrity verification

Twitter Blue, the initially hard-to-receive novelty of a verified account with a blue pipe, expanded to paid subscribers late last year.

Paid Twitter also in Nigeria and South Africa

After the first 15 countries where Twitter Blue was available for purchase earlier this year, the service has recently expanded to others, South Africa not excluded. If you’re interested or at least considering it, know that the current pricing is now available.

This one is special in one aspect. Namely, if you use Twitter Blue within the mobile app on iOS or Android operating systems, you’ll pay ₦5,000 and R144.99 per calendar month.

In the case of the web platform, however, the monthly subscription comes out significantly cheaper, at R134.99 per month or R1619.99 for the entire year. In case of successful registration, after a certain period of time, the aforementioned pipe will appear in the user’s profile, to which there are several important options beyond the normal scope.

Musk doesn’t argue with defaulters

The extent to which this is meaningful is, of course, a matter for each individual to consider. However, if they don’t pay, Twitter doesn’t coddle them, and it doesn’t matter whether the person is insignificant or famous.

In fact, the social network has started removing the blue badge in a big way for non-payers, which includes singer Beyonce and Pope Francis. Musk has already warned users in advance that the move will happen once they fail to pay for verification. And the imaginary D-Day arrived yesterday, April 20.

What does Twitter Blue offer?

  • Tweets of up to 4,000 characters
  • Edit tweets within 30 minutes of posting
  • Full HD videos up to 60 minutes long (web)
  • 1080p videos of 10 minutes (app)
  • Clearer organization of tweets
  • Up to 50% fewer annoying ads
  • New themes, icons, etc.

Finally, we’ll just add that as part of Twitter’s restructuring after Elon Musk’s arrival, Twitter Blue was supposed to be one of the company’s main revenue centers. However, according to statistics from SMT.com, the current number of subscribers is a big disappointment, as only 300,000 subscribers are actively using the new feature worldwide, which is not even 1% of Twitter’s total revenue.

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