Excited for it? YouTube Music is getting the anticipated karaoke mode

It’s probably not worth getting too caught up in the stereotype of Asian people’s popularity of karaoke, but the fact is that those who use the YouTube Music platform can now enjoy the arrival of this feature. It’s certainly not new to music streaming services and competitors have been offering live lyrics for some time now, so Google has taken its time.

Google is catching up with the competition

The ability to use karaoke, the display of lyrics in real time, is currently offered by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, the main competitors to YouTube Music. Google has therefore fallen slightly behind in this respect and is now more or less trying to catch up with the competition.

Real-time lyrics display brings the latest updates to the platform and will work for any song that already has lyrics uploaded to YouTube Music. The current lyrics will be highlighted on the tab to make it clear which passage it is.

The evolution of karaoke began last year

Google teamed up with MusixMatch for this feature and work on it started last year. It’s likely that karaoke in YouTube Music uses LyricFind, which is the leading technology related to music and text search.

Google hasn’t officially announced anything yet, so we have to rely on the Reddit network, where some users have mentioned the arrival of this feature for Android under the new version 5.51.50. However, we can expect an official announcement from Google to arrive sooner or later as this is a pretty big news that a lot of users are waiting for.

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