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Sad and happy emoticons set

The WhatsApp chat app is incredibly popular, so it’s no wonder developers are constantly making moves around it. This is doubly true if Meta does indeed one day remove Messenger and move messaging back to the main Facebook app. In that case, there will likely be an outflow of users to WhatsApp, which the app needs to be prepared for.

New emoticons are coming to WhatsApp

For the moment, the platform has prepared the integration of new emoji from Unicode 15.0 for its loyal testers, which can already be found in the beta version of the app, numbered v2.23.5.13 (Android). As WABetaInfo reports, we spotted the new emoji back in December last year, but testers are only now getting their hands on them.

It should also be added that Meta only tries out emoticons on a select group of people. So if you belong to the beta program, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can use the new emojis to their full potential.

What emoticons can you use?

Unicode 15.0 introduces a number of interesting emoticons. For example, you’ll now have the choice of a shaking face, new hand gestures or even an ox icon. The full list can be viewed at this link.

And although you won’t find these emoticons immediately in your WhatsApp, you don’t have to despair. Meta is releasing updates with iron-clad regularity and it’s almost certain that we’ll see them very soon.

How do you like the new emoticons? Let us know in the comments!


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