Facebook is facing criticism. This bizarre mistake could have shaken you too

It’s not unusual for a bug to pop up on social media now and then. For example, sometimes Messenger doesn’t alert us to an incoming message. But Facebook has had a rather bizarre bug in recent days.

Unsolicited friend requests

Strange things have been happening on this popular social network. When you went to look at someone else’s profile, a friend request was automatically sent. This could have brought with it a number of unpleasant events, sending requests to people you just want to block is not exactly pleasant.

Understandably, users noticed the problems and questions about the spontaneous sending of requests spread through the internet. I too came across a similar query, but the commenters below the post took it with humor: “So! And I’m done stalking,” was one of the most frequent comments. Some even found positives in the mistake: “At least I can see who is looking at my profile.” But there were also those for whom the news ruined the day…

Facebook is working properly again

Meta has already fixed the bug, as WCCF Tech writes: “A recent update to the Facebook app briefly caused Facebook friend requests to be sent in error. We have fixed this and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” a company spokesperson added. Facebook should be working as we’re used to by now.

Have you also had any interesting incidents with automatic submissions?

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