Ferrari’s First Electric Car: Italian Performance Racer Goes Electric Faster Than Expected

Ferrari remains a prominent figure in the world of sports cars. Given its high stature, many have been curious about the expected launch of the first fully electric vehicle from this Italian performance brand. The automaker openly embraces this transition, and the CEO revealed that the development process is actually ahead of the planned timeline.

Ferrari’s Electric Future Unveiled

The official announcement of this anticipated development is still a few days away. Yet, the debut of an electric Ferrari on the roads is set for 2025. The company aims to present a model that is refined and advanced well in advance. CEO Vigna mentioned on Thursday that the development is on track, even surpassing leadership estimates. Advancements in certain technical aspects have accelerated faster than initially predicted. Such progress may not only save time but also potentially reduce the vehicle’s price.

Notable leaps forward occurred in process optimization during the third quarter of this year. However, the supplier for Ferrari’s battery components remains a significant unknown. The manufacturer keeps this information under wraps. The secrecy extends not only to the supplier but also the maker of individual parts. The veil of secrecy shrouds this aspect, evidenced by the continued mystery about the supplier for models like 26 and SF90.


Photo: Ferrari SF90 Stradale, plug-in hybrid

Will Ferrari Lead the Sports Car Segment?

The current information implies that Ferrari will introduce its electric sports car as intended. The launch is still targeted for the fourth quarter of 2025. By the end of the decade, the company aims to sell 40% electric vehicles annually. To support this, a new assembly line for super sports models is under construction in the brand’s hometown, Maranello, Italy.

Ferrari independently assembles electric motors, inverters, and batteries, both for electric cars and hybrids, entirely within its new factory. The assembly processes are set to take place exclusively in this new facility. The CEO announced that the factory is expected to begin its operations in June next year. It comes as a surprise to many that such a classic brand with a rich heritage is willingly embracing the electric trend. Undoubtedly, the Italians display no fear of innovation and are striving to extract the best from it.

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