Following Apple’s lead. Nothing considers exclusive features for loyal users

Behind the company Nothing, which emerged as a start-up, stands Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. The brand has quickly and successfully established itself in the market, with the most anticipated innovation being the upcoming Nothing Phone (2), set to arrive later this month. However, Nothing is also preparing other software-related news.

A new phone with new software

 The highly anticipated Nothing Phone (2) will debut alongside the new version of the Nothing OS 2.0 operating system, which will later, likely in August, be delivered to the first Phone (1) as well. Carl Pei recently posted an interesting message on Twitter, stating that his company is considering the creation of new features.

These features are intended to function exclusively between Nothing phones and other products from the brand. In his tweet, Carl also asks users if they have anyone among their friends or family who would make use of such exclusive features—essentially, if they know anyone with Nothing products.

What could these features look like? 

Unfortunately, Carl Pei was not specific in this regard, but brand fans came up with several interesting suggestions. Replies to his tweet included ideas such as screen sharing, synchronization of LED back lighting (Glyph), and file sharing.

There are truly many possibilities in this direction, and it is possible that in the near future, we may witness exclusive features related to communication between Phone devices and Ear headphones. The fact is that Carl Pei is eager to listen to his fans, and exclusive features would suit the new Nothing Phone (2) well.

Like Apple 

This approach, namely exclusive features that work only across devices within the brand, is reminiscent of Apple. And why not? Elements like the AirDrop feature are very practical and could significantly enhance and improve the user experience with the phone. We will see if something similar arrives on Nothing devices in the foreseeable future.


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