Forget the passwords! Google has just launched a revolutionary service that’s available to everyone

The American giant Google is constantly adding new features and services to make life easier for others. And now it's launching a feature called Passkeys, which is designed to make logging into your Google account easier and more secure. No longer will you have to enter a special password. So how does this feature work?

Google Passkeys is here

Google account is used by the vast majority of people today as it is used to log into a lot of applications. If you also own an Android device, then a Google account is a real necessity. Then, of course, you use a password to log in – until now, that is.

In fact, Google is launching a new feature called Passkeys that is more secure than a password and will protect you from online attacks. At the same time, the company also says it’s stronger security than one-time codes sent via SMS.

No complicated setup

The Passkey feature then already works with your PIN, password, fingerprint or FaceID that you have set up on your smartphone to unlock it. If you use biometric authentication, security is at the highest possible level. But if it’s a PIN or password, make sure it’s strong.

How to set up the access key?

The new Passkeys function (access key) is now available in almost all markets. When you log out on your device, Google will prompt you to create this access key when you log back in.

The process is really easy and you just need to follow the instructions. However, you can also set up the new feature via this link. So we’re definitely glad that Google is constantly trying to push security forward. After all, no one wants their account to be hacked.

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