Former Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers working on electric supercar


What comes to mind when the name Lamborghini is mentioned? Let us guess. Right off the bat, sharply designed cars, pumped-up super sports cars with considerable horsepower under the hood.

Ferrari and Lamborghini

Or it is nearly a legendary tale of how Ferruccio Lamborghini visited Enzo Ferrari because he couldn’t stand the clutch in his Ferrari 250 GT and, due to a series of excuses from the boss in Maranello, he decided to establish his own brand instead?

However it may be, one thing is certain – Lamborghini is not just about fast cars. The company has its sights set on much more. And it repeatedly proves its willingness to venture into lesser-known waters over the years. As for Ferrari… There is no need to add anything. The Italian company embodies the essence of breathtaking racing thoroughbreds.

Now, imagine what can happen when these two brands come together. Specifically, when their former key employees gather under one roof. Because that’s exactly what happened in the case of the Milan-based automotive company Aehra.


Photo by Aehra

Aehra’s Electric SUV in just 2 years Hazim Nada, the founder and CEO, is rightfully proud of this extraordinary collaboration. In this context, he has repeatedly stated that it is indeed the former brilliant minds from Lamborghini and Ferrari who, as one team, are capable of accomplishing incredible feats. In fact, we had the opportunity to witness the result of their joint efforts last year with their debut in the form of an electric SUV.

This elegantly aerodynamically shaped coupe measures over 5 meters in length and a generous 2 meters in width. It entices with its spacious interior, first-class craftsmanship, polished design (the hood actually functions as an integrated wing), a trio of electric motors with a cumulative output of up to 804 horsepower, a maximum speed of 265 km/h, and a range of 800 kilometers. And let’s not forget about the price. It is expected to range between $160,000 – $170,000.


Photo by Aehra

The Supersport of the Future

And although this innovation is eagerly awaited, with mass production slated to begin in 2025, Aehra is already working on another gem. It will once again be an electric vehicle, but this time it will be a sporty sedan, as reported by Electrek.

According to Electrek, the team led by Franco Climatti, who, by the way, spent an impressive 32 years at Ferrari, is allegedly preparing a supersport that could become a significant technological milestone. In one of his recent interviews, Nada emphasized that the biggest problem with today’s electric cars is that they still conceptually derive from their combustion predecessors.

This is precisely what the new Aehra aims to change. Climatti and the chief designer (from Lamborghini), Filippo Perini, have not only developed a new platform but also a few new approaches that are expected to result in a significant leap forward, be it in terms of vehicle aerodynamics, driving characteristics, or range.


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