Gaming behind the wheel? You’ll soon be able to “steam” almost anything in Android cars

Gaming behind the wheel? You’ll soon be able to “steam” almost anything in Android cars

The gaming and automotive industries have perhaps never experienced such a strong connection. Polestar, a division of the better-known Volvo, has been working with Nvidia for a while now, a company whose name is etched in the minds of the vast majority of tech enthusiasts and gamers.

First of all, the automaker was provided with Nvidia Drive technology, which pretty much drove all of the Polestar 3’s safety features. We didn’t have to wait long, and we can already see the arrival of another collaboration, but this time it extends beyond the Polestar itself.

Nvidia GeForce Now coming soon to Android Automotive


Cloud gaming has become very popular in recent times, all you need is a good internet connection to play extremely challenging titles. The components on your PC or laptop don’t play any role, and you don’t even need to install the game. One of the most popular services in this area is certainly Nvidia GeForce Now.

The great news is that we’ll soon see this service in cars using Android Automotive as an add-on to the infotainment system itself. You’ll be able to get your tan on Polestar cars, of course, but other automakers like Hyundai (not excluding the Genesis and Kia divisions) and BYD have not been left out.

What does Nvidia GeForce Now have to offer?

We don’t yet have exact information about how the client will ultimately behave in the car environment. What is certain is that the promised 1500 titles and more will play without any problems. Nvidia recently launched the RTX 4080 “Ultimate” subscription, which offers an unparalleled gaming experience at 240 frames per second in 4K resolution.

If even that option makes it into the Android Automotive version, you can easily make a full-fledged gaming den in your car. However, it’s also taken for granted that Nvidia GeForce Now will automatically deactivate when you’re driving for safety reasons.


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