Google apps will be controlled by artificial intelligence. Gmail will be the first

Have you ever heard of a Tsunami? A giant wave created by a powerful earthquake that literally mows down everything in its path? Because that's how one could describe the current mania that is now resonating across the technological pond in relation to artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT has triggered a revolution

It’s quite simply one of the biggest concepts of recent years. We’ve already announced in several successive look-backs that every major company is counting on implementing AI. Microsoft, thanks to its participation in OpenAI, the company behind the phenomenal ChatGPT chatbot, is trying to implement some elements (so far not particularly well) into its Bing search engine.

And then there’s Meta, which wants to implement AI in its Metaverse, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. And let’s not forget Discord, Spotify… There will be more and more of these names as the weeks go by.

Artificial intelligence is in

After all, Google is also working hard on its own counterpart and in an attempt to dominate the race against time. Moreover, the latter has provided a very detailed summary on its blog, which suggests that no stone will be left unturned in the enterprise thanks to AI. The enterprise emphasizes that Workspace’s mission is to connect ideas and people in a meaningful way so that they can creatively create and build.

Gmail with AI coming soon

Current advances in generative artificial intelligence are thus opening up new possibilities in completely innovative ways. Among the first services to be affected by this move will be the popular Gmail and Docs apps. As you’ve probably guessed correctly, AI will help out with text writing as well as final editing just before sending.

There is also a minor layout change associated with this. With the new feature will come a new field that will be a keyword generator, and this applies to special occasions as well. Just choose a subject, e.g. an internal memorandum for employees, the AI will then spit out a draft, the person in question will tweak it and the email can go out in a flash.



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