Google back in the spotlight! Its smartwatches are falling apart on their own

Several months ago, Google introduced its first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, with WearOS to the world. Without a doubt, the watches are of high quality and offer many interesting and useful technologies. However, the American giant has not been able to avoid certain issues, and the latest one is quite significant. The Pixel Watch is experiencing a problem of disintegration.

The adhesive doesn’t adhere as it should 

As mentioned before, the Pixel Watch smartwatches are well-designed and quite popular in the world due to their design. However, an unexpected problem has surfaced, which is not good news for the watches or Google’s reputation. The latest reports from Reddit show that some users are experiencing the watches falling apart. The bottom part simply detaches, even during regular usage.

This is truly bad news for Google because once the bottom part detaches, the internal components remain unprotected. Additionally, the water resistance is compromised. Pixel Watches are certified with an IP68 rating. The problem is not limited to just a few users; an increasing number of people are reporting damage. It is possible that the manufacturing process is not fully optimized, and under certain conditions (such as high temperatures), the watches may suffer from the mentioned problem.

What is the solution?

It appears that Google has confronted the issue head-on and is offering free repairs to owners of damaged watches. Furthermore, the warranty should cover this particular defect. However, it has once again become evident that Google has yet to perfect its manufacturing processes. After all, various design issues have plagued their smartphones as well. The upcoming Pixel Watch 2, therefore, has areas for improvement.

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