Google Chrome brings solutions to save RAM and battery as much as possible

Google Chrome brings solutions to save RAM and battery as much as possible

One of the most widespread criticisms of Google’s Chrome web browser is its negative impact on the computer system when opening multiple tabs and multi-tasking, most notably on RAM and battery. The US giant has only now decided to tackle the years-long problem. New performance settings and two additional modes will make working with Google Chrome many times more enjoyable.

Google Chrome will be more energy efficient

Google claims to have managed to reduce RAM usage by 40% in the latest version of Chrome, which has dramatically improved the overall stability of all tabs open in the browser at any one time. But the news doesn’t end there, we mustn’t forget about the two separate modes that you can manually activate at any time in the settings.

The smoothest possible browsing experience

The first mode is called Memory Saver. If even the revamped Google Chrome settings don’t work for you, this feature will reduce RAM consumption even further. It does this in a simple way – it temporarily clears the memory from all tabs except the one you’re currently using.
Logically, all the power is then transferred to the one open card, so it’s great if you’re editing photos or videos in the browser, playing games, or performing other system-intensive tasks.

Proper battery optimisation

The second mode has unexpectedly adopted the name Energy Saver, or “energy saver”. It is activated automatically when the device’s battery level drops below 20%. Google Chrome will reduce the subsequent power consumption accordingly – reducing visual effects and background activities on web pages.

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