Google in a tight spot: afraid of ChatGPT and investing massively in AI

Google in a tight spot: afraid of ChatGPT and investing massively in AI

The artificial intelligence model called ChatGPT became very popular last year and its popularity is definitely not decreasing, on the contrary. It is owned by OpenAI, a company in which Microsoft, among others, has invested a lot of money. Google is therefore now worried that a competing search engine will overtake them.

ChatGPT in Bing

Google is very aware of the situation it is in. Indeed, ChatGPT looks like a very capable tool, and if Microsoft manages to incorporate a working chatbot into its Bing search engine that understands context and can answer more complex questions for users than Google, it could be in trouble.

That’s why Google decided to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. According to The New York Times, Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google’s founders – recently met with several senior executives at Google to discuss the dangers of doing so.

The priority is clear

Given that the two founders haven’t taken much interest in the company’s operations since Sundar Pichai was appointed CEO, this may give us an indication of the importance of the issue.


Since CEO Sundar Pichai announced the “code red” and shifted other teams across the company to AI development, it is estimated that the internet giant will launch over 20 models using AI.

It then plans to unveil some of them at this year’s I/O conference in May. Among the products Google is reportedly working on is a tool for creating Android apps. Further, the newspaper mentions a tool for summarizing multiple videos by generating a new video.


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