Google Maps introduces amazing features for tourists: Here are 4 key updates!


The American giant Google announced on its blog the arrival of several new features to its popular navigation app. Whether on Android or iOS, Google Maps will now delight all fans of national parks. Unfortunately, only residents and tourists in the United States are enriched at the moment, the freshly added features cover 63 parks there.

You won’t get lost in the national parks anymore

As most of you already guessed, the overall goal for all the new features is to make navigating your chosen park much easier, which includes highlighting popular attractions, a more detailed route view, or the ability to download the map and then use it offline. There are four new features in total, and we’re going to break them down in detail now.

Must-see attractions

The first of the features will appear as soon as you enter the name of the national park in the search bar and view its location. Several popular spots are immediately highlighted, from campgrounds to visitor centers to marked trails. This makes planning your trip much more nimble and easy.

View the complete route

Before this update, if you marked any of the locations in the park on the map, there was only a pin, and the route to it was sometimes unclear. However, once you do the same in Google Maps now, you’ll see a detailed trail. To make matters worse, you can also read reviews from other travellers about how challenging they found the trail.

Always the right directions

Closely related to the previous one is new feature number three. Even if you have the exact route to hand, there can still be problems with finding your way around the area. In this case, Google Maps will give you a detailed overview of all possible entrances to the park and as detailed a description of the chosen trail as possible. In addition, every time you select a new route, the screen will automatically direct you to the destination.

Travel without internet


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The latest of these fresh improvements may seem like a given for many. But in the case of Google Maps, the ability to download a national park map is only now coming. If you subsequently find yourself without an internet connection during your trip, the offline map will not let you down.

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