Google takes inspiration from Apple! Android gets this cool feature

It seems like ages since Apple introduced the interesting “Find My” feature. And apparently, even after years of use, there are users who often don’t even know they have such a service on their iPhone. Yet it is a feature that has a high practical potential, for example, in a situation when someone steals your phone or you accidentally forget it somewhere.

Find my device

There are a number of detailed searches on the internet, but it’s essential for you to know that in this case, all you need to do is access iCloud, tap the app and search for the lost iPhone that’s listed on your devices. Then, if you have Lost Mode activated on your iPhone, the chances of you being reunited with your smartphone are more than high.

In this context, Gizmochina reports that at least an equally sophisticated equivalent is quietly in the works on a competing platform. The developers of the Android operating system are also preparing their own equivalent of Apple’s service.

With the arrival of Android 14

This smart network will allow users to find either lost or stolen devices regardless of the current connection status. This new functionality was foreseen last year, when the information was leaked to the public, but realistically we could see it within the next year.

At this point, it’s unclear whether this will be – say – a security feature as part of an additional update for Android 13, or whether Google will introduce the news with a bang on the occasion of the premiere of Android 14.

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