“Hammer on Google?” – TikTok expands and introduces its own search engine.

TikTok is especially popular among users. And no wonder. Short and mostly funny clips, often accompanied by good music, are exactly what young people want nowadays. That is, quick and easily accessible entertainment that you consume on the fly.

The controversial TikTok

This is not a criticism, but a bare fact that rather beautifully shows what today’s teenagers want. That it’s growing at an incredibly meteoric rate has been proven by a series of surveys that have confirmed that it is one of the most used media for watching video content in the United States and Europe. It’s even giving a run for its money to stalwarts like YouTube.

However, this platform is increasingly becoming a thorn in the side of not only parents but also various social institutions. For example, in Europe and the US alone, TikTok and its parent company ByteDance are facing several lawsuits over practices in the collection and use of children’s data, including much questionable content that is literally tailor-made.

New With Its Own Search Engine

And the fact that it poses a security threat was recently confirmed even by the National Office for Cyber and Information Security (NUCSIS). In other words, this app resonates a lot, and not just because of its shiny coat and a whole host of cool features.

But while we’re at it, it’s definitely worth noting that TikTok has introduced one major innovation in this regard. According to the company’s representatives, it defines a new stage of this social network, which in a nutshell means that it wants to be more than just a regular leisure app, reports Gizmochina.

The platform revealed new search widgets. With their introduction, it is thus trying to establish itself as a search engine that adapts according to the user’s current preferences. In other words, there is no need for Google. While TikTok touts that this is yet another way of shaping an even better user experience, there are voices that this is yet another way to increase its influence and spy on people.

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