Hi, I’m Tako! The controversial TikTok is already training artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence AI has literally been on a tear in recent weeks and months. Many platforms are already using some kind of AI to improve user experience. Now the TikTok platform is likely to join them. The latter is reportedly working on an AI called Tako to help find and suggest relevant content.

Tako’s new chatbot

TikTok’s new AI is expected to function as a chatbot. This means that by clicking on the appropriate icon, you will be able to start a conversation. In it, you will then ask questions. For example, if you’re watching a video showing food, you can ask for the recipe. Tako will then try to find videos in which you can get an answer. With the information regarding Tako then comes The Verge, which also reports that testing is already underway.

There’s still plenty of time until the official unveiling. It’s not even certain yet if TikTok will actually launch the new AI. However, TikTok recently had the Tako name officially licensed. So it’s likely that we’ll actually see it.

Third-party artificial intelligence?

What we don’t know yet about the new AI is who TikTok is actually implementing it from. It’s possible that, like Snapchat in the case of ChatGPT, for example, it will rely on a third party. However, some sources report that the Asian social network will bet on self-developed AI. So we’ll see how it turns out in the end.

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